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In the beginning宼/p>

I started writing seriously after the demise of my Praktica LTL in the 1970s, which had occurred whilst walking OffaĹke.
I wrote purely to acquire the wherewithal to purchase a replacement. In the following years I wrote only intermittently because of family, work and other commitments.

Magazines for whom I wrote around that time under Margaret B Drake
Great Outdoors (now TGO)
Lancashire Life
Yorkshire Ridings

Radio Lancashire
Short story entitled 襠CottageⲾ
Early Trackways in the South Pennines
In 1982 Bill Breakall of the new Birchcliffe Heritage Centre at Hebden Bridge commissioned me to write an account of packhorse routes in the South Pennines.

The interest and ensuing research into this ancient system of communication had been triggered off by discovering a packhorse causeway above Wycoller, near Colne in Lancashire, which had obviously served a lime kiln.

The booklet was accompanied by a wallet of self-guide walks along packways that my former husband David Drake and I had followed.


My second husband developed early-onset Alzheimerĩsease whilst still working and died ten years later. It prompted me to write accounts for two US anthologies.

ïat of Paintᰰeared in 䯲ies of Strength稩ch was published by Lulu in November 2005. The anthology was produced to raise money for the charities involved in Hurricane Katrina. The stories chosen for the anthology by Jenna Glatzer and her team were from international entries submitted by subscribers to the website.

妯re Its Time硳 published in 謹es of Alzheimerࢹ LaChance Publications, New York September 2006. This was the first anthology in a series which was designed to cover major life experiences. My essay deals with the problems peculiar to someone suffering from an old personऩsease whilst still in the prime of life and those of their partner because of the different agenda of younger couples for whom there is little support.


International Living 哠Magazine and ezine
Rupert Brooke

Preston fm 㨯rt Story

Rupert Brooke Society Journal
Grantchester. Article about R Brooke

The Morris Eight - History website
Friday Night was Amami Night - aka
There goes summer - Rewind the 50s
The Morris Eight
Paper Petticoats
Rupert Brooke 쩴erary Traveler (US)
Tall Ships Race, Liverpool 䲡vel Thru History (US)


SamboDzavethern Life 2010Ⲿ
⩤ges of Cumbria Countyൢlished in Cumbria Magazine September 2010


天cated to Hawksheadൢlished in Cumbria March 2011
岠First Country Cottageൢlished Down Your Way March 2011
⵳her Mills, New Forest Snakecatcherൢlished Countryman June 2011
鬬y Blacksmith of Barrowfordൢlished Countryman August 2011
᫥ a Breaktalgia piece about a cycle ride from Lancashire to Cornwall published August 2011
⥡ture Comforts At Lastൢlished Cumbria October 2011
᭥s Hewitson VCൢlished Cumbria November 2011
⩥f Encounterൢlished Cumbria December 2011

Listed as an ﮯree⹠the ezine e-Chook regarding an anthology of short stories published in July 2011

Published in 夢ergh Historianനe annual journal of the Sedbergh & District History Society, Summer 2011 - an article of 6,000 words on the ancestry of Alice & Anthony Hewitson

Read the full published articles here


My articles are supported by images I take with either a Nikon D40X SLR Digital or digital Leica C-LUX 3 Compact.

For their 2011 calendar the Rotary Club of Preston North used eight of my images.

Westmorland Gazette published a large coffee table book, The Beautiful Lakes in April 2011. This book of photography includes nine of my images.

See also section on greetings cards/a>


Please also see Maggie's Newsletter page for current works in progress


Olympic Sportsman Norman Drake
'School champ goes on to greater things -
Published in Retford Times 5th July 2012

Down Your Way magazine 'Paddle up the Pennines'
July 2012

Down Your Way magazine 'The Dales Dog, a Treacle
Butty and a Trip to Chevin End' September 2012

Articles in the Westmorland Gazette on WW1
Coniston Territorials and Kendal's Packhorse Trade

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Maggie B Dickinson Cards, Writing & Photography