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Maggie B Dickinson started writing at the age of six years, nine months, during the second World War, the catalyst being that there were no toilet rolls available. Her household chore was to cut the newspaper into squares and feed a string through the corners so that they could be hung from a nail behind the door of the outside loo. Since the reading of newspapers was forbidden to young children in those days her only chance to browse them was on trips to the toilet. Unfortunately the squared sheets meant that articles were disjointed, hence she had to imagine appropriate beginnings and ends, which soon led to creating her own tales.

Her first story was Jesus & Iris which she pencilled into an old diary during her time in Miss Hartleyനird year infant class at Barrowford Council School (now Barrowford County Primary) in East Lancs. She had fallen in love with the name of Iris who was, in reality, a clothlooker at V E Haighton୩ll in Barrowford. Attendance at Higherford Methodist Sunday School, or any other Sunday School she took a fancy to, had introduced her to Jesus who was so busy working miracles she felt it appropriate for him to marry so that heਡve a companion on his travels. Unfortunately the diary fell down a friendഩppler toilet before the story grew to book length, which she felt was a sign from above to leave the tale untold.

But from that day, and through Miss Hartley੮sistence, she became the school௦ficial story teller so that if any of the teachers had a consultation with the headmistress, Mrs Hully, Maggie was sent to that class to keep them amused as she was able to conjure up a story on any subject in an instant. Sadly that ability has waned with age.


As a child she was allowed to use the family Box Brownie, photographed here, which is one of her most treasured possessions. Her father acquired it through diligently saving coupons from the John Bull magazine. She would borrow it for occasional trips and holidays and with it she took photographs which she still treasures today.

During 1965 she moved on to a modest Halina Rolls but in 1972 she splashed out on a second hand 35mm Praktica LTL, SLR. It had a wonderful lens but it developed more faults that it had parts and whilst walking OffaĹke in 1978 the camera died, appropriately as it turned out, at the beautiful location of Tintern Abbey but not surprisingly its demise occurred before sheࡣtually taken an image of the gorgeous ruin.

This prompted her to start writing with a vengeance. Her efforts included articles on camping, long distance footpaths, history, and humour. Once sheࢯught a Fuji SLR the writing stopped until recent years.

After a series of house renovations, she speculated on a Nikon Digital SLR D40X camera and, without any kind of forward planning, in 2005 she had an urge to create hand-made greetings cards using her own photography. The images were mainly of local scenes and particularly the Lake District. It is a part-time hobby in which she has built up a manageable small database of regular customers between Shap in Cumbria and Bishop Monkton near Harrogate.

Because of the weight of the Nikon she has acquired a light compact digital Leica C-LUX 3.

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Unfinished Works

With Miss Hartley෯rds ringing in her ears she started, about 20 years ago, to write a novel set in Greece. This has been under way ever since. It is entitled Moon Through the Tamarisks and its location is Crete. It has one chapter thus far, which has been re-written so many times it is perfect. Unfortunately the dreaded writers⬯ck set in on this particular saga and she cannot get further than a taverna set high in a remote village in the Lefka Ori mountains where the heroine must be on her umpteenth glass of retsina or raki by now. Fortunately she೩tting under a massive bougainvillea so she wonथvelop sunburn.

Being developed at the moment is a series of illustrated talks on a variety of subjects, both historical and geographical.

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Maggie B Dickinson Cards, Writing & Photography